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Bobby Duncan agent Saif Rubie boasts after Liverpool sell youngster to Fiorentina

Bobby Duncan’s representative, Saif Rubie, has said said »on the line of work I understand nobody comes near » after his customer procured a move away from Liverpool this summer.
Duncan – cousin of Steven Gerrard – joined Italian side Fiorentina on Monday. Liverpool have inserted a 20 per cent sell-on clause and will receive # 2m for the forwards.
Rubie, who formerly took to social media from leaving, for preventing Duncan to criticise Liverpool, has boasted on Instagram regarding his job .
« To be in the upper 1 percent you have to get ready to do what 99 percent of the rest won’t do, » said the agent.
« In my line of work I know nobody even comes near. Not everything in life is black and white and you need to have the ability to adapt and roll with the punches.
« Now Bobby Duncan has the chance to experience and live some thing not many young English players have done. That is what leaders do. We are not followers.
« Due to all of the individuals who’ve supported me in this tough period means a good deal. The joy of finding the job done doubt rewarding and makes the struggle. PS Kevin Prince-Boateng you look after our little brother. »

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